The Complicity Of Dunces (2013)

The Complicity Of Dunces (2013)
john luke chapman


since the Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition came to power in the UK, in 2010, the motley duo of Cameron & Clegg have overseen the closure of 347 public libraries and have recently earmarked a further 400 more council libraries for eradication.

[X] the mark of cain, of democracy, to vote, the mark to be empowered in sponsor-directed government. to mark where the treasure is hidden for the élite few; the wealth siphoned off, cut ‘n’ rebirthed.

[X] the signature of the illiterate.

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      • It is shameful. I felt the same way when some years ago the Australian government put General Sales Tax on books.
        Taking access to information and knowledge away from those who have not much money is indeed cruel and furthers the ‘creation’ of a ruling class.
        Takes away a great deal of pleasure too. 😦

        • i didn’t realise that sales tax was on books in oz. they’re still tax free here in the uk (thatcher tried to tax books in the 80’s but was defeated). the difficulty now is finding a bookshop or a library.

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