Sgraffito 5 (2010)

Sgraffito 5 (2010)
john luke chapman

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  1. I was scrolling down my reader today because I’m using a real computer and as this one appeared I thought I bet that’s one of John’s. That’s pretty good I reckon to have a recognisable style. Needless to say I love this one, I like the varied vertical lines and how the paint drips kind of echo the peeled bits, the contrast with the skinny lines on the bottom layer.
    And of course I love the limited palette.
    I like your sgraffito series very very much.
    P.S. I now have the fake blood recipe so I’ll send it to you in an email. 🙂

    • thank you ashley, for your very kind and utterly fascinating message. means a lot. oh and i’d love to try out the recipe (my email address is in the ‘about ‘ section). J

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