the liebster blog award

due to the generosity of dawn at Mad Woman With A Camera (please check out her site) the Liebster Award has just been given to darkling eye.
thank you, dawn. namaste.


to accept the award i need to answer a series of questions. and to nominate a handful of sites which have captivated and enthralled me over the past year.
i urge you to visit these sites and see what life is like in the worlds of others.
in alphabetical order:

and now to the intense interrogation. well, ok, maybe not quite. but here’s the questionnaire anyway:

Do you have any phobias?  yes, intensely phobic of butterflies and moths.
What book are you currently reading?  beside the sea by véronique olmi
Chocolate or Fruit?  fruit dipped in dark chocolate.
What is your favourite colour?  dusty blue
If you were re-incarnated, what animal would you like to come back as?  buzzard.
Can you swim?  no
Are you still friends with your best friend from school?  no
Which celebrity would you like to take you to dinner?  david lynch and helena bonham carter. on separate tables.
What is your favourite pet?  i don’t have any pets. but if i did it’d be five cats. and maybe a wolf. or a crow.
Which of your blog posts is your favourite?  the one after next.


Liebster Award 2013

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