Jackbox Diner (2008)

Jackbox Diner (2008)
john luke chapman


‘We are lucky, even the worst of us, because daylight comes.’
Jeanette Winterson Lighthousekeeping (2004)

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      • I’ve not read it, I think I had better do so.
        I read ‘Why be Happy When You can be Normal’ some months ago and was impressed with its power.

        I really like the image, I see a shade of David Lynch in its ominous look. There’s tension.

        Metaphorical mornings are good, but I do like the quietness and darkness of late at night.

        Storms are exciting if you know you are safe.

        • the curious thing is ashley is that right up until the last moment, when I switched to the winterson one, I was going to use a quote from lynch.

          I too prefer the night but sometimes it is excruciatingly long. of course its not just night that brings darkness.

          for me, storms are exciting when you think you are probably safe.

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